Oracle database Internal Mechanism

This blog Oracle Database Internal Mechanism is solely intended to share oracle internals with the fraternity.

During our journey as a DBA (specially during the initial stage), we struggle a little with understanding the internals of Oracle even when there are tons of documents, white papers, articles, presentations etc just because it’s very difficult to understand the internals as it gets complicated once we dig deeper. But we noticed that once you get past that, the internals are very interesting to learn and also  provides an added advantage dealing with various complicated issues.

Hence comes this blog, here we write posts covering interesting topics on Oracle Database explaining the internals BUT in as simple manner as we can so that the reader can get the flavor of the concept and thus can generate interest to go through the documentation part, thus making a boring documentation an interesting article.

Please comment below if you want our authors to cover any topic for which you are interested to know the internals.

Also every reader has the right to ask questions on the post no matter how basic or complicated the questions is, and we’ll try our best to come back with a satisfactory answer.


Disclaimer:- The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. They may not necessarily reflect that of my employers and customers – both past or present. The comments left by the reviewers are theirs alone and may not reflect my opinion whether implied or not. None of the advice is warranted to be free of errors and omission. Please use at your own risk and after thorough testing in your environment.

45 thoughts on “Oracle database Internal Mechanism

  1. nice blog nitish thanks alot … please do share some interview questions and answers. And some topics like 1}Undo & FB-Qry & FB-Table & FB-Version Qry 2}RMAN 3} DATA GUARD CLONING 4} ASM ….Sorry if i am asking more thank u in adnavce..!!!

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    • Hi Mudassir,

      Thanks for reading the blog, really glad you liked it.

      Regarding your topics I’ll surely include those in my To-Do list. Some of which are already in my draft. so I guess soon you’ll see that published in this blog.


  2. Hi Nitish,

    Your post all very helpful already since you asked here I’d like you to post performance-related pieces of stuff. Here we people are using EBS application though its application, 90% of performance is related how the database is tuned right.

    For example, (in 11gr1/r2 databases)

    1. Going for AMM parameter is good or wrong ? any other suggested parameters ?
    2. Adding /*+ RESULT_CACHE */ in query really works?
    3. Using parallel execution in a query really works?
    4. In what scenario we use AWR, ASH and ADDM reports ? and how to use.
    5. and so on..

    Thanks in advance for the consideration.

    T.A Hadley

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    • Hi Aamir, Thanks for your words.
      We would try to cover the day-to-day issues regarding listener, tns etc as soon as possible.
      Meanwhile if there are any specific errors, please feel free to comment and we would try to provide the troubleshooting guidelines.



    • Hi Luz,

      Thanks for your words, happy to know the docs helped, please feel free to comment if in case you face any issues during your chase with dataguard and we’ll try to assist you on the same. This way others would also benefit.



    • Thanks Shalini, good to know that this generated your interest in learning further, that was the intention behind this blog. And no I do not provide any coachings or trainings and I have no intention to do so too. The best coaching you can get is through your own lab and Oracle documentation.

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  3. Hello Nitish,

    It’s wonderful to read your blog, thank you for spending your precious time to sharing the knowledge to the world.
    Could you please make detailed article on reading the AWR report in depth which would help DBA’s to figure out the daily performance issues.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Naveen Singh

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  4. Hi Nitesh ,

    This blog is really good , however after AUg 21 i didn’t see much updates on it.
    Actually i was excepting oracle 19c and 21c info and more on SQL Server.
    I hope this site will get updated very soon.


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