Sybase ASE

This Series of posts would be to cover internals of Sybase ASE.

Once we understand the internals we would start with installation, then basic administration and finally performance tuning & troubleshooting.

The list of articles on Sybase posted on this blog would also be linked below:-

  1. Sybase ASE – Take backup for Cross-Platform Load in Quiescent State
  2. Sybase ASE – Read a dumpfile with headeronly
  3. Sybase ASE – Load Database from a Cross-Platform Dump File using sp_post_xpload
  4. Sybase ASE – Dump/Load a database to/from multiple stripes
  5. Sybase ASE – Changing Existing Database Device from ‘dsync’ to ‘directio’
  6. Sybase ASE – Rename a Database
  7. Sybase ASE – Extending an Existing Database Device
  8. Sybase ASE – Create new Database & Device in Sybase ASE
  9. Sybase ASE – Exhausted “cpu grace time” when Loading Database Dump
  10. Sybase ASE – Recover a lost or Unknown “sa” password
  11. Sybase ASE – Kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory on Linux server
  12. Sybase ASE – Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file

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