Sybase ASE – Exhausted “cpu grace time” when Loading Database Dump

Sometimes your load statement can abruptly terminate with following message:-

ASE is terminating this process.

If you try to bring the DB online following error message is received:-

ct_send(): network packet layer: internal Client Library error: State error: trying to write when connection is expecting a read.
ct_cancel(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect

And the error log has following message:-

kernel  timeslice error: spid 29 exhausted its 'time slice' of 100 milliseconds and additional 'cpu grace time' of 500 ticks (50000 milliseconds). It has been marked for termination

To resolve the issue we need to increase the limit for “cpu grace time” parameter using the sp_configure procedure.

“cpu_grace_time” together with time slice, specifies the maximum amount of time that a user process can run without yielding the CPU before Adaptive Server preempts it and terminates it with a timeslice error. The units for cpu grace time are time ticks, as defined by sql server clock tick length. The default value of cpu_grace_time parameter is 500, it can be adjusted accordingly:-

exec sp_configure 'cpu grace time', 4999

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