Oracle Backup & Recovery

In these posts I’ll cover all the possible recovery scenarios step by step with commands and their explanation together with the background internals.

The idea is not only for DBAs to understand the recovery concept but also for those who understands the concept very well BUT as we all know during these crash scenarios the pressure on the DBAs is very high so, the idea is to maintain a repository wherein all the recovery scenarios with commands are at one place so during such stressful scenarios one does not have to google around for syntax and stuff.

Also I’ll try to cover basic internals for curious readers, in case anyone interested in more detailed internals please comment below.

Following are the posts that I have covered till now:-

  1. Performing Database-Level Recovery
  2. Performing Tablespace-Level Recovery
  3. Performing Datafile-Level Recovery
  4. Performing Block-Level Recovery
  5. Performing Log Sequence–Based Recovery
  6. Performing Time-Based Recovery
  7. Recovering Read-Only Tablespaces
  8. Performing Cancel-Based Recovery
  9. Performing SCN-Based Recovery
  10. Restore database in case of dropped table
  11. Restoring a Database (NoArchivelog mode)
  12. Performing Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery
  13. Recovering from the loss of REDO log files
  14. Tips & Tricks

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