Oracle Wait Events

When writing posts on performance tuning I felt that there needs to be a my-version of description of Oracle Wait Events along with Access method and Process & Memory Architecture. Thus this series is to start the Oracle Wait events which are common in any Database Environment BUT has a lot of story.

  1. db file scattered read – oracle wait event
  2. db file sequential reads – Oracle wait event
  3. Direct Path Read/Direct Path Read Temp – Oracle Wait Event
  4. Buffer busy waits – Oracle Wait Event
  5. Library Cache lock – Oracle Wait Event
  6. Library Cache Pin – Oracle Wait Event
  7. log file switch – Oracle Wait Event
  8. log file sync – Oracle Wait Event
  9. row cache lock – Oracle Wait Event
  10. enq: TM – contention – Oracle wait event
  11. enq: TX – index contention – Oracle wait event
  12. latch: cache buffers chains – Oracle wait event


These posts are mainly to build knowledge base for my Performance Tuning Series, but in case you want me to cover any specific wait event please feel free to add your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Oracle Wait Events

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