Oracle 12c

In these posts I’ll describe all the basic information you need to know to work on 12c, as the architecture of 12c (multitenant) has completely changed from that of 11g, there are several gaps that are needed to be filled to work on 12c.

There are some excellent new features in 12c which are worth using, similarly there are several benefits that we can use with the multi-tenant architecture of 12c, would try to cover them in the subsequent posts.

As there are a bulk of topics that can be described on 12c, if anyone interested in knowing a specific one please comment below would try to post one on the same as soon as feasible.

Following are a few posts written on 12c yet:-

  1. Oracle 12c Architecture
  2. Installing 12c Database on Oracle Linux 7
  3. Managing a CDB & PDB [Basic DBA Commands]
  4. 12c New Features – Database In-Memory
  5. 12c New Features – Global Temporary Table Undo
  6. 12c New Features – Online DataFile Move
  7. 12c New Features – Partial Indexes
  8. 12c New Features – Table PITR in Oracle 12c
  9. 12c New Features – Invisible Columns
  10. Long Identifiers in Oracle Database 12c Release 2
  11. Flashback PDB in Oracle 12cR2
  12. Move Table Partition/Sub-Partition Online – 12cR1
  13. Move Table Online – 12cR2

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