Oracle Performance Tuning

In these post I’ll try to explain the performance troubleshooting approach by describing the case studies that I came across, how I approached them and then how gradually how the approach became a strategy, a generic strategy, that now I follow for almost all of the Performance issues that I deal with.

As the intention of this blog is to keep it as simple as possible, I’ll try to describe the case studies in as simple way as I can, BUT throughout the post I’ll believe that you have basic understanding of Oracle architecture which is described in my post Oracle Database Internals.

All you need to know to be a performance troubleshooting expert is ORACLE ARCHITECTURE, rest comes with the approach you take, and experience. Hence from the subsequent posts please get a good hold of Oracle Database Internals and leave the approach and experience to me, I’ll take you through the journey of my experience and develop the approach as I have been developing mines.

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