ORA-01248 File %s was created in the future of incomplete recovery

Cause: Attempting to do a RESETLOGS open with a file entry in the
control file that was originally created after the UNTIL time
of the incomplete recovery.
Allowing such an entry may hide the version of the file that
is needed at this time. The file number may be in use for
a different file which would be lost if the RESETLOGS was allowed.
Action: If more recovery is desired then apply redo until the creation
time of the file is reached. If the file is not wanted and the
same file number is not in use at the stop time of the recovery,
then the file can be taken offline with the FOR DROP option.
Otherwise a different control file is needed to allow the RESETLOGS.
Another backup can be restored and recovered, or a control file can
be created via CREATE CONTROLFILE.

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